Youth Ambassadors


Lucinda Coyle


Why I became an ambassador:


Having spent all my of my teenage years in and out of Counsellor, Psychiatrist and Psychologists doors, teenage mental health has always been something close to my heart. When I was offered the opportunity to become the first Youth Ambassador for Tilehouse Counselling I knew this would be my chance to help hundreds of other teenagers get the help that I myself need when I was their age. Having joined in 2018, this last year I have been so proud to work alongside this incredibly charity and help support the amazing and fundamental work it does.


About me:


Lucinda Coyle joined Tilehouse in 2018 as the charity’s first Youth Ambassador. She grew up in Hertfordshire and used local mental health services herself. Alongside her charity work, her main profession is as an Actor in London, performing in London Theatres having recently graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, one of the top drama schools in the UK.




Jamie Dear


Why I became a Youth Ambassador:


I have a keen interest and motivation in championing the service Tilehouse brings; supporting and encouraging individuals, particularly young people, to acknowledge, express and reflect on their mental health. As a young person who has experienced the benefits of counselling at Tilehouse for three years, and has had a strong support system to assist me in persevering through challenging times, I’ve recognised the importance of having an individual to talk to who is trustworthy and listens. Becoming an ambassador for this remarkable charity and organisation has allowed me to meet incredible, like-minded supporters and people, and spark a discussion around the importance of teen mental health.  


About me:


Hello! My name is Jamie Dear and I am a 20-year-old English Literature student at the University of East Anglia. I am currently working in London with The Walt Disney Company on a Placement Year and create YouTube videos and Instagram content in my spare time. Focusing on fashion and lifestyle, I aim to spark joy and inspire people across the world to be confident and themselves. I love to sing and perform, as well as attend the theatre (my favourite show is Waitress). Altogether, with a passion-fuelled aim to use my platform as a positive and open voice for young people, so that nobody feels alone.