Can you help raise valuable funds for Tilehouse Counselling to ensure we are able to continue to support those with mental health issues in our community...


Walk……..swim…..cycle – whatever way you wish to cover your miles for mental health, you will be helping us raise awareness and encouraging people to get talking about mental health too.


If you are organising your own event, you can pop to one of the following sites and fill in your details, choose Tilehouse Counselling as your charity and let all your supporters know where to donate:

Keep them and us updated with your progress, your training, the results of your hard work and most importantly why you are raising funds for mental health.   
Please also refer to our fundraising tips to help raise the most you can.



Maybe you have a furry friend and you walk everyday anyway, or maybe walking is something that you think would be good daily discipline to start.  We know that the proven health benefits of being outside and exercising really help improve mental health, why not go the extra mile……and raise funds per mile walked during a given period (a month or even longer perhaps).  

Why not get your fellow-dog walkers, friends and family to join you and collectively put your miles together to really raise some valuable funds for people with mental health issues.
The NHS has a walking for health guide to get you started safely on your walking challenge 



There are a huge variety of runs of all distances that take place across the UK, or even abroad, throughout the year. From 5Ks to 10Ks to marathons. You might wish to sign up for an organised event, or you could even create your own personal running challenge.
The NHS has a useful series of podcasts, couch to 5k, for running beginners, covering your weekly training for a period of 9 weeks 
You could simply clock up your jogging miles over a month and ask people to sponsor each mile.
You could be running up and down the garden, stairs, or dancing around your kitchen (2000 steps = 1 mile)
If you're signing up for an organised event, simply register with the organisers, then let us know which run you've signed up for.
We will send you a link to a choice of fundraising sites, where you can load up your details and let your supporters know about your chosen charity.  The money you collect will be sent directly to Tilehouse Counselling.  Please also see our fundraising tips (link) for further information.


For both those who pool swim and those who prefer a wild swim, do join our challenge and share your swimming stories and help us raise valuable funds from your swimming miles.
If you have ever dreamed of a longer swimming challenge or perhaps even swimming the English channel – then here’s a link for further information….. 



Like running, there are some amazing cycle challenges to join in with – London to Brighton, Lands End to John O’Groats and all over the world.  Cycling has grown in popularity and the quiet roads have been filled with those enjoying a cycle on their own, with friends and family.  
Why not make those cycle miles count….as well as improving your own wellbeing, contribute to help those who need some support through our counselling services.
Cyclist has a list of top cycling challenges to consider 

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of your miles for mental health and you could be featured on our website to help encourage others to get involved too.